The Elections are not gained, Taken care of with “the Irregularities or Errors of the Surveys”, Could be repeated the history of the 2000?

The Elections are not gained, Taken care of with “the Irregularities or Errors of the Surveys”, Could be repeated the history of the 2000?

By: Elvio Guiérrez Santana, M.Sc. MIB.

The North American polls are in favor to the candidate Barack Obama in 51.2% (318 electoral votes) on the candidate John McCain who has 44,2% (181 electoral votes), (according to the “Political Dashboard de Yahoo”. These results give an imminent victory in favor of Barack Obama.

Nevertheless, the experience of the “errors of the surveys” or “irregularities” declared by the documental Fahrenheit 9/11” in the elections of the year 2000, puts in uncertainty the results of the tomorrow elections.

There are states that can be determining in the results of the surveys that products of “errors of the surveys” or “irregularities” can be in favor to the republican candidate John McCain, in detriment of the favorite of the surveys Barack Obama.

States in 2008 Obama McCain Electoral Votes

Virgnia 50.0 45.8 13
N. Carolina 47.8 47.8 15
Florida 48.5 46.0 27
Ohio 48.3 44.7 20
Idaho N.A N.A 04
Maryland. N.A. N.A. 10
Vermont N.A. N.A. 03
D. Columbia N.A. N.A. 03
Total 95

States in 2000 Polls 2000 Results 2000
Alabama Gore por 1.2% Bush por 14.9%
Arizona Gore por 3.6% Bush por 6.3%
Colorado Gore por 3.1% Bush por 8.4%
Georgia. Bush por 4.7% Bush por 11.7%
N.Carolina Gore por 3.0% Bush por 12.8%
Florida Gore por 2.0% Bush por 1%

These facts cause that the elections more are fought than they seem now exist factors to favor and against both candidates:

Factors to McCain favor:

• The Republicans are in the power.
• Obama by its origin and youth generates uncertainty in conservatives sectors.
• It favors the continuation of the Free Trade Agreement of North America.

Factors against McCain:

• Its age and conditions of health.
• The support to the vice-presidency candidate has not helped him so much.
• It maintains the idea to follow the war.
• The financial crisis of the United States and the errors of the present administration affect the McCain candidate negatively.

Factors to Obama favor:

• He is a young candidate, who promises change.
• It promises to withdraw North American of Iraq and to promote the peace in the middle orients.
• He has been cautious and right in all movements during his candidacy.
• His vice-presidential candidate has contributed to his candidacy in experience and international relations to him.
• Their proposals and promises can be realistic and coherent to the applied being
• Significant changing especially imagines a change in the foreign policy towards the rest of the world and towards Latin America (a successful development of the policy of the good neighbor with a significant increase of the international cooperation is expected)

Factors against Obama:

• It reflects uncertainty by his youth, origin and experience.
• Its foreign policy towards Latin America not this totally defined

In conclusion, we hoped that the elections are transparent and reflect the will of the North American voters so that the United States continues being a nation of the emigrants that made their dreams come true. (Lets go to vote Americans).

The Day After: Barack Obama won and USA democracy won.

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